Thursday, September 24, 2009

Resorts 360: The Opportunity

A Phenomenal Opportunity With Unprecedented Income Potential!

Travel is a Seven Trillion Dollar market which has shown exponential growth every year for the past several decades. Whether times are good or bad -- people want to travel.

In recent years, the growth and excitement in the travel industry has been fueled all the more by a barrage of baby boomers who are reaching retirement age and wanting to break free and explore their world.

It is quite simple really… people love to travel, they always have and they always will. This is every bit as much true in slow economic times as it is in times of plenty. The only difference is that during recessionary times people are all that much more passionate about finding ways to save money on their vacation plans and itinerary.

When you are able to show these masses of people how to not only save thousands of dollars on their vacations beginning with their very first trip… but also put more money into their pockets while on vacation… you have a recipe for exponential success!

That is what Resorts 360 provides...

Resorts 360 introduces an innovative, industry- exclusive compensation plan. The Resorts 360 compensation plan allows you to make a fantastic income using a multitude of different and unique methods.

With Resorts 360 you get paid through your own direct efforts as well as through the efforts of those within your organization.

The ingenious concept of “progressive rewards” combined with a simple straight forward "one-team" organization structure creates a synergetic strategy for rapid wealth accumulation through the power of “Exponential Leverage.”

Allow me to break this remarkable income strategy down for you…

residual income opportunity

Costs & Qualifications

The cost to become a member of Resorts 360 Vacation Club is $397 for your first year. Every year that you wish to remain a member after that is just a $249 annual renewal.

That is less than $1.00 per day! You can’t buy a soda pop these days for that price!

Resorts 360 offers several different payment options to fit every budget and every desire. You can even pay for your Resorts 360 Vacation Club membership by making monthly payments of $39.95 each month rather than paying for it annually.

The first two sales that you make as a Resorts 360 Associate you will receive an instant commission paid to you of $100 on each sale!

Once you have made your first two sales you become a Manager and begin making a $200 commission on every sale!

Resorts 360 Business Opportunity

Progressive Rewards Compensation:

Annual Sales - $397:

  • Associate Sales* = $100
  • Manager Sales* = $200
  • Coded Overrides = $50
  • Matching Coded Overrides = $50

Monthly Subscription Sales - $39.95:

  • Associate Sales* = $10/month
  • Manager Sales* = $20/month
  • Coded Overrides = $5/month
  • Matching Coded Overrides = $5/month
Resorts 360  compensation

The Power of
"Exponential Leverage!"

If the Group Volume Bonuses don't get you excited, check your pulse. It is powerful stuff... yet the group volume bonuses are not even where the most exciting and most lucrative part of the Resorts 360 opportunity exists.

The true power behind the “Exponential Leverage” of the Resorts 360 Progressive Rewards compensation plan is found in the “Override Bonuses!”

Okay so you've already seen how you can make money from personal sales of the Resorts 360 Vacation Club, and you've seen how you can make money through the company profit sharing pools. Now let me show you how Resorts 360 pays you even more through lucrative override bonuses paid to unlimited depths within your organization.

You have already seen how you can make $200 in up-front commissions from each personal sale that you make, but it doesn't stop there... each of these sales will also create the opportunity toearn unlimited “Override Bonuses” on each and every "override sale" made within your organization to unlimited depts.

This is Extremely Powerful And Very Lucrative For You
Here’s why…

As your new associates begin to build and grow their business, you will begin receiving additional override bonuses and commissions from each and every override sale made within your organization down to unlimited depths!... With no cap on the depths to which you will be paid... and no cap on the amount of money which you can earn!

The revolutionary concept of “override bonuses” and the power of “Exponential Leverage” creates the very real potential for you to DOUBLE your commissions and your income on every level of your organization to infinity.

And this is on top of all of the direct commissions that you receive and the company profit-sharing bonuses that you receive, as described above.

I don’t need to tell you – that those numbers can add up to a LOT of spending cash in your bank account!

Take another look at the video overview above to see how the Progressive Rewards “coded overrides” work to produce “Exponential Leverage” and passive residual income within your business!

Click Here to Get Started with the Resorts 360 Opportunity today!

Resorts 360 Vacation Club

With One of The Most Generous Payouts in the Industry, You Will Be In Profit Very Quickly!

Click play below to watch a short overview of the
Resorts 360 Opportunity

Refer A Few Friends And Enjoy A Lifetime of Free Vacations!

Couple on the beach

How Do You Save Money on Your Family Vacations?

A few months ago, I started researching ideas for taking a cheap family vacation. Since my family is on a tight monthly spending budget, and we are in the midst of a recession – my wife and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on our vacation. Normally, we just skip the vacations outright to save money. We actually have not been on a family vacation since our oldest son was born (5+ years) so we decided we needed to create some memories with our children as well as sit back and relax a little – which we never seem to do. Of course – as always we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on our trip, so we put together a plan to follow while on our vacation.

Here are some ways you can enjoy a cheap family vacation and save some money -

•Drive – I am not much for flying to begin with, but we decided to drive to save money. Our destination is about 600 miles away so we are planning on a 12 hour drive. I figure we can drive round trip for around $100 for our family. Airline tickets for 2 adults and 1 child (youngest son is under 2 still) would have cost well over that amount. Sure – flying is more convenient but not as cost effective.

•Gas Rewards Card – I will throw in another plug for our rewards credit card that earns cash back every month for our gas purchases. If we spend $100 in gas on the trip, using the card will give us back $5. I know – not a lot but every little bit counts!

•Destination – I am sure there are some really cheap family vacations available to take right now given how bad the recession has gotten. Vacation destinations are really hurting and are slashing prices. Unfortunately, the deals still are not good enough for us to budge – so we are visiting some relatives in a warm climate right next to the beach. We won’t have to pay for a hotel or lodging and have the comforts of home. When looking for a vacation destination – consider staying with family and friends if you have the opportunity so you can save some money!

•Tourist Traps – Avoid the expensive tourist traps and theme parks if you are looking to save money. Instead, look at locations that cost you little to no money to visit. Beaches, state and national parks, and historical locations can offer the same excitement as some of the more expensive vacation destinations. As I mentioned earlier, we are heading close to a beach which will provide all the entertainment our 5 & 1 year old boys could want!

•Plan Ahead – We are planning ahead with our packing and items we are taking on our trip. For example, if you are going to the beach – make sure you take sunscreen, beach towels, bathing suits, flip flops, etc. with you. You don’t want to have to pay a premium at these locations for items you forgot to pack. Create a list of things you need to pack and double check you have everything before you leave.

•Avoid Eating Out – If you can help it, try to limit eating out at restaurants while on vacation. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but if you are staying with family or friends it shouldn’t be that difficult. If you are driving to your location, take snacks and things to eat in your car to limit the number of restaurant stops you need to make.

My wife and I have figured that by following the steps I laid out above, we will only be spending $200 (at most) for our vacation! Since we won’t be eating out (maybe in the car at most), our weekly grocery bill will be comparable to a normal week in our household. We also will be spending most of our time at the beach which will not cost anything. So we are planning on spending an extra $100 on gas that we normally would not have and possibly up to another $100 on some fun things for the kids.

How do you save money on your family vacations?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Unbelievable Cheap Vacations

Does this look like heaven to you?? Well it does to me! I know everything that's going on in the world is stressing everyone out, and when you are stressed life seems even harder. Most doctors reccomend relaxation for people who are stressed, but who has the funds to relax in an economy like this???!?!.......Now you do!

How? you might ask. Well let me explain.

What if I told you there are beautiful beach, mountain, skiing and other international resorts that can be made available to you for as low as $259 per week! No....I didn't say per day...this is per week!!! with room for 6 people!

With such a great deal, how CAN you afford to pass it by?.....You can't!!!

So, you may ask how am I able to offer you these outstanding dicsounts??? It's easy...I went to, and so should you!

Business Side

A brand new company with huge projections that is said to hit the higher numbers than Y.T.B and other travel companies. Right now less than a 1,000 people are affiliates but it’s projected to jump to 50,000 by December who do you think will be getting the majority of the group...we are some of the first people to become apart of the company. AND as a group have all types of major traffic being drawn to our Resorts360 sites, so everyone in my group gets a piece of the pie..If we grow together and I make everybody else money I get the same in return..In my group alone with have Dashing Dave, Lee, and Patrick who built the programs, myself, Kenny the marketing genius and a host of others who are growing their business every day..We have tools in line that put our businesses in auto pilot while we focus on other ways to build down-lines as the tools are building us down-lines. We then take who ever joins and build up their teams so they too can do the same thing..Walking not in front of them, but side by side..The more you build your team’s down-line and make them money the more you grown in the company as well....Unlike any other company you join, you are out there on your own..My team my team is directed toward new members and shown how to build huge traffic and huge downlines. Shown how to put on auto pilot so teh internet works for you. Given Tips and Tools to grow your business. What you give away for free you keep.. Bottom line, the more money I make you also the more money I make myself. Its a win win situation. The most important thing.. You will be coming in right under me Kenny Boykin the Marketing Genius..Business Guru..Right away you know you have a great upline.. I personally mentor and train my group the whole way through. Imagine being on the top of the latter when this happens. The company numbers are gong to sky rocket through the roof..

With that being said...I look forward to you joining the team.